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Model 310B Long Range Microwave Link
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Model 310B Long Range Microwave Link
Because Model 310B operates at K-band frequency (24.125 GHz), it achieves performance not possible with X-band microwave links (which operate at 10.5 GHz). Antenna beamwidth is approximately 3.5 degrees in both the horizontal and vertical planes, allowing Model 310B to operate at long ranges and within narrow corridors.

Each Model 310B Transmitter and Receiver is packaged in weatherproof housings which are only 269 mm (10.6 in) in diameter and weigh only 2 kg (4.5 lbs). Comparable X-band systems require housings which are 609 mm (24 in) in diameter and weigh 15.9 kg (35 lbs). This small size provides optimum resistance to wind-loading and obvious advantages for installation and shipping.
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