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RP01 Portable 16 Channel RF Alarm Receiver
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RP01 Portable 16 Channel RF Alarm Receiver
The RP01 is a portable 16 channel RF alarm receiver used with the MIL PAC series sensors with LN-XT1 RF alarm transmitters. A two-foot antenna and 16.5 VAC transformer to charge the internal 5 AH battery is included. The radio display will indicate which transmitter alarmed, transmitter low battery and transmitter status alert (supervision). There is also an audible alarm and alarm LED. The RP01 can be powered from the internal 5 AH battery, the provided step down transformer or from an alternate 12 VDC source. Two 8-position switches set the units 65,536 possible code configurations. This code must be matched in the transmitters. The unit weighs 16 lbs.(7.25kg).
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